The Madra Cochrane Foundation

The Madra Cochrane Foundation is an Incorporated Non-Profit Organization with 501(c) 3 status. Our mission as a foundation is to raise money through fund raising activities. We use the money raised to serve women at the grassroots level by filling what “slips through the cracks” by supporting programs that serve important personal and emotional needs of a cancer patients. 

My name is Madra Cochrane and in 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My Heavenly Father allowed me to survive the disease, endure the treatment and thrive in life after it was all over. I knew then that my purpose in life was to be to those the one thing that I did not have, and that was someone to help me look in the mirror and love what I see looking back at me. That statement means something different to every person, the Madra Cochrane Foundation was created to help those going through the disease find what it means to them. 

The Madra Cochrane Foundation was formed in August 2015, and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in June, 2017. The foundation represents on-going work to raise funds to help survivors and those still battling the disease say, “I love what I see looking back at me”, we do this in several different way, first by supporting the Images Program at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, which is funded solely by private donations, this program helps patients needing wigs, prosthetics, skin care products as well as counseling and other personal items that insurance usually does not cover. Secondly, we provide wellness programs that deal with an individual’s health from a mental aspect to a physical aspect and all in between. 

Our funds are mainly raised through generous donations and our signature events, “Riding to a Cure” indoor and outdoor bike rides and the Pink and Black Gala. 

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Donors like you allow Madrcfd® to fulfill its promise to save the images program at Washington Hospital Center Cancer Institute.

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